Problem with right track on XCSoar

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Problem with right track on XCSoar

Fabrizio Curreri

Yesterday I had the following problem: I’m going to my base right in front of me, but the direction suggested from XCSoar was 30 degree to left. I know my base, so it’s not a problem, but If I was in cross country …


I use XCSoar from many years, and this is first time that I have this problem.


My configuration:

Android device: Huawei Y6II Pro updated, with no sim and no app installed

XCSoar 6.8.6


It’s the second time I fly with android device. The waypoint file is the same I used for many flyghts with IPAQ 3950 with GPS signal from Flarm XCSoar version 6.7.9 (but PPC2000 is no more supported, so I had to change platform).


Today I’ll try to load a precedent version of XCSoar for Android to verify.







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